Mont Blanc is another signature at Chez Shibata 365. The main components of this tart are the white chocolate whip cream and the milk chocolate mousse that give this tart its sweetness. A bit of dark rum is added to bring out the most flavor. The base is a crunchy tart with almond cream filling that gives more texture and balances the sweetness. Hand piped chestnut cream is the highlight of this tart. It is a rich cream with a touch of nuttines and just the right amount of sweetness that completes this dessert and adds more variety to the flavor. The ingredients used to make Mont Blanc is not easy to get your hands on, so you wouldn't  come across a good quality Mont Blanc like this often.


( アーモンドタルト、ホワイトチョコレートホイップクリーム、ミルクチョコレート、マッシュした甘栗)


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